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Therapy of adnexitis - enhancement of the basic antibiotic therapy with hydrolytic enzymes

Dittmar F.-W.1, Weissenbacher E. R.2

1 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, District Hospital Starnberg, Teaching Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, W-8130 Starnberg, FRG

2 Gynecologic Clinic, Clinic Center Großhadern, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, W-8000 Munich 70, FRG

International Journal of Experimental and Clinical Chemotherapy 1992: Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 73-81

WE 12 (5-03-2) = WE 44 (5-04-2) nem.



A total of 56 patients were recruited to a randomized double blind study (28 to the enzymes and placebo group, respectively) and treated for a period of 28 days in order to evaluate the effectiveness and tolerance of an enzyme combination preparation as adjuvant of the initial 6-day basic antibiotic treatment.

At the beginning of the investigation there were no differences between the enzymes and the placebo group regarding the parameters characterizing the process of recovery. At the end, however, such differences were observed: body temperature in the enzymes group 37.0°C, in the placebo group 37.2°C, p = 0.021; WBC in the enzymes group 8,800/m l, in the placebo group 10,100/m l, p = 9.52 x 10-6; ESR after 1 h 14.8 mm/h and 19.5 mm/h in the enzymes and placebo group, respectively, p = 0.003; score for palpable tumors in the enzymes group 1.0 ("more resistant to touch than normal on one side") and 3.0 in the placebo group ("bilateral resistance to touch"), p = 1.28 x 10-7; score for tenderness on pressure in the enzymes group 0 (nothing abnormal detected) and 2 in the placebo group (uterus and adnexa), p = 4.42 x 10-7; score for vaginal discharge in the enzymes group 0 ("white/normal") and 1 in the placebo group ("slightly purulent and/or sanguineous"), p = 1.39 x 10-6.

The adnexitis score, defined as major criterion of effectiveness, gave corresponding results: with comparable baseline values (enzymes = 12.2, placebo = 11.3, p = 0.08) it was 2.6 in the enzymes group (subacute adnexitis) and 7.7 in the placebo group (moderate adnexitis) at the end of therapy (p = 7.45 x 10-7).

The results of this study suggest that the enzyme combination preparation used is effective as adjuvant of basic antibiotic treatment in acute adnexitis. There were no side effects in either group.

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