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Pharmacoprophylaxis of the arm secondary lymphedema development after axilla exenteration and radiotherapy

Wald M., Adámek J. and Prausová J.*

Department of Surgery

 * Department of Oncology

 2nd Medical School, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

XI International Congress of Senology, Cancun -(Mexico), May 13 – 18, 2000, pp. 203-205

495 KA (2-05-1)



Within the chemoprevention at complex therapy of breast carcinoma, stage I and II, at the Surgical Clinic of 2nd Medical School, Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic) we administer patients mixture of proteinases (trypsin, chymotrypsin, papain) supplemented by thymus extract for 28 days starting on the day 1 after surgery. Literature data (Rokitansky) show a positive effect of proteinases on the survival time in patients with breast carcinoma. Furthermore, we have verified this fact on the animal models. From the literature it has been known and our 7-year-experience has confirmed the fact that perisurgical administration of proteinases has a significant effect on the homolateral arm secondary lymphedema development after axilla exenteration. While a significance of systemically acting proteinases on the chemoprevention of breast carcinoma could not be evaluated so far because of short-term observation (the longest observation period 2 years), we can confirm that proteinase pharmacoprophylaxis at complex therapy of breast carcinoma has reduced lymphedema occurrence in our patients by 50%.

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